Welcome to TriflaFarm!

Truffle adventure – Hunting and gastro tour

Let us invite you to a unique and exciting truffle hunting adventure on our private truffle reserve just 35 km from Budapest. Experience the thrill of finding truffles with the help of our well-trained sniffing dogs, who will locate ripe truffles growing underground in the roots of trees.

Right after the hunt, in our open kitchen, we prepare some delicious meals using this culinary gold ingredient. You will have the chance to taste a wide range of heavenly dishes prepared with ‘the black diamond of cuisine’.

The program of our tour

  • Welcome drink
  • Introduction to the world of truffles 
  • Get to know our plantation
  • Truffle hunting tour on the TriflaFarm with skilled truffle guides and well-trained sniffing dogs
  • Enjoy a four-course meal prepared on various styles using truffles as key ingredient, accompanied by the best wines of the region.  

We recommend our tours for groups of 6 – 20 people, from June to November.
The duration of the program is around three hours.


Truffles are the fruiting body of a subterranean mushroom living in symbiosis with the host plant, supporting each other’s development in the course of their lives.

These irregularly shaped, corm-like fungi grow 5-10 cm under the surface of the land and are extremely rare to find. With a strong and unique taste, they are the world’s most expensive mushrooms and are primarily used as seasoning. They are also called the ‘black diamond of cuisine’.

Their different breeds prefer different living conditions, therefore their natural habitats are also very diverse in Europe. Most truffles are collected in Italy, France and Istria.

Specialist harvesters used to use pigs to find truffles, as these animals have a particular nose for these fungi, but nowadays specialists have trained sniff dogs to find truffles, as they’re much easier to control. Truffles are very widespread in Hungary also, and some breeds can be grown in plantations.

About us

The TriflaFarm is one of Central Europe’s largest plantations that is open for visits, where we grow Burgundian truffle (Tuber uncinatum).

Our family run truffle farm is situated at the picturesque hills of “Gerecse” and can be reached in 30 minutes from Budapest.

The soil rich in loam, clay and lime is ideal for the development of hazel, oak and linden trees, which roots are inoculated with truffle spores.

In 2013 we planted 6500 saplings on our 4 hectare plantation, and thanks to the professional care and management in 2018 our dogs found the first truffle.

Our Dogs


Despite his old age he works with real passion and excitement.


The one who found the very first truffle of our farm.


The new generation, who works with the experience of the old ones.